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Classic Rock Rig Pack

29,00  inkl. 19 % MwSt.

All about traditional rock sounds from the 60s and 70s. If you like the sounds of Jimi, Jimmy, or Ritchie. You might like this one, too.

About dillrigs

The rig packs are for users who prefer to play guitar instead of programming sounds and are sorted by musical style or specific use. The profiles were created using liquid profiling and you can find several amp profiles in a rig pack, always suitable for the respective style of music. In addition to the pure amp profiles with puristic sounds, there are also plenty of “ready-to-rock rigs” with effects so that you can immediately have the right sound for the corresponding style of music. Of course there are also some performances tailored for use on stage.

Thomas Dill

Guitar Player, Artist, Composer, Author

  • Producer of the official Kemper Profiler Tutorials
  • Sound Demos and workshops for Kemper
  • Creator of the Legends Tribute Collection Rig Packs (Kemper)
  • Author of the book „Guitar Effects“ (AMA – Germany)
  • Author for the online magazine Bonedo – more than 1000 articles (reviews, workshops, videos) about guitars, amps and effects

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